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Diet Studio version 2.0.2 released on October, 2011.

Diet Studio

Diet Studio is innovative solution for diet research and development. It is built to cover the wide range of tasks ones may be challenged while creating a diet.


Diet Studio includes basic feature to assist in the diet research:

  • Select set of nutrient you want to observe or control. This feature allows to concentrate on most important nutrients. Application provides requirements for some nutrients based on reports of IOM.
  • Record food products consumed over period of time. Diet Studio provides USDA Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies, 4.1 (FNDDS) with more then 7,500 products.
  • Create and record measured parameters to track diet progress and effectiveness
  • Energy calculation and decomposition. Diet Studio calculates total energy from consumed food, energy by each product and each energy source.

Besides that it has following useful everyday functionality:

  • Units conversion for a food;
  • Daily menu report generation;
  • Food comparison report;


Following principles constitutes the base of the Diet Studio software development:

  • User Driven Development: Users feedback directs main stream development of the product. This allows us to recognize valuable functionality to satisfy our audience. See here.
  • Portable Format: Diet Studio uses XML specification for external data files. That makes easy to convert/process result to a required format or an application. Custom report feature is the powerful tool that could be exploited to reach your goal without dependency on the main stream development.